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Safe Services

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Warren’s Locks & Keys deals exclusively in high-quality safes, and we are proud to offer Amsec, Fireking, Gardall, and Liberty products. Whether you wish to keep your cash, jewelry, firearms or any other important items sound and private, we can provide the best solution for you.

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A safe lock can fail for many reasons, including worn parts as the result of sustained use, damage from a fire or accident, or even a failed break-in attempt. An electronic safe lock will render itself inoperable if its battery dies as well. Whatever may have caused its failure, we can repair or replace a broken safe lock, rendering your safe as good as new. Furthermore, we can reconfigure your safe’s lock so it has a new combination known only to you.

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Safe cracking is an age-old art among safe professionals (and, unfortunately, those with less honorable intentions too). The practice requires extensive experience, in addition to a highly specialized set of tools. We possess both, so we can let you into any safe from which you have been locked out.

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